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Swedish Massage

This classic, relaxing massage is one of our most popular techniques; it helps you fully unwind and get rid of daily stress and muscular tensions. For Swedish massage, our therapist uses a mixture of gentle gliding and kneading techniques to release overall body tensions, specific areas such as your head, neck and shoulders would get focused treatment. It’s Pure Relaxation.

  • 45mins  $60
  • 60mins  $70
  • 90mins  $100

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage relieves the deepest layer of sore and tight muscles. This concentrated massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes, finished with hot towels. It’s good for easing persistent muscle discomfort by releasing painful knots reducing chronic pains or minor sports injuries.

  • 45mins  $68
  • 60mins  $80
  • 90mins  $110

Hot Stone Massage

Our therapist combines traditional massage techniques and hot stones to relax and re-energize your body. The preheated stones are usually strategically placed down the center of the back along the spine; they will even be placed on the feet, the palm of your hands, and other designated areas if needed. The radiated warmth helps with increasing body circulation; it relaxes the muscles and makes them more pliable.

  • 75mins  $130
  • 90mins  $150


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant oils to promote physical and emotional health. This fantastic massage relaxes your muscles and lets your skin slowly absorb the natural oil through the inhalation and application of pure essential oils. This aromatic therapy brings pleasure to your mind.

  • 45mins Body  $68
  • 60mins Body  $90

Head and Scalp Massage

This’s a luxurious scalp massage with these blends featuring oils of argan, jojoba, evening primrose, and more that deeply nourish the scalp and relax the mind. By stretching and stimulating the cells of hair follicles, head massage helps encourage hair growth.

(our most popular service picked by customers)

  • 45mins  $68
  • 60mins  $90

Facial Crystal Massage (Gua Sha) & Face Oils

Soothing facial massage with natural face oils that lift and detox your skin. Using rose quartz crystal and jade roller, the idea is to firm and lift muscles on your face to give you vibrant, youthful-looking skin and a natural glow. This session also includes a short head and shoulder massage; it’s truly enjoyable.

  • 45mins  $68
  • 60mins  $90

Signature Deep Relaxation Massage

Fall into total relaxation with our most special treatment. This balancing massage uses smooth long strokes that require more profound work. It soothes the nervous system and balances the energy of the body and mind. This satisfying treatment is both relaxing and therapeutic.

Customize your massage

90 Minutes Massage – $120 (Choose two treatments included with your massage)

120 Minutes Massage – $150 (Choose two treatments included with your massage)

150 Minutes Massage  – $180 (Choose three treatments included with your massage)

  • Hot Stones
  • Natural Essential Oils
  • Herbal Ball
  • Foot Relaxation
  • Head and Scalp Massage

Couple Massage

Enjoy a side-by-side massage with a loved one in our beautiful couples suite decorated with scented candles and flowers.

60mins $160 total (Choose one treatments included with your massage)

90mins $240 total (Choose two treatments included with your massage)

120mins $320 total (Choose three treatments included with your massage)

  • Hot Stones
  • Natural Essential Oils
  • Herbal Ball
  • Foot Relaxation
  • Head & Scalp Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Upper Body) & Head Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage focuses on the lymphatic system, using gentle pressure and skin stretching techniques to help move fluid out of the swollen limbs or affected area. The lymphatic system helps clean our body’s waste; receiving manual MLD therapy help the body maintain proper blood circulation and immune functions.

This specific LDA treatment focus on the upper body, areas including the head, neck, shoulder, and armpit. It also come with a luxurious head and scalp massage, using our detox essential oil that nourish the scalp and relax the mind.

  • 60mins  $140
  • 90mins  $200

Foot Bath & Foot Relaxation

Embark on the ultimate relaxation with our soothing foot bath and foot relaxation. Feet soak in a botanical herb bath with soap flower and custom essential oil; it‘s excellent for your skin and helps soften your feet and boost magnesium. Your feet and lower legs would be exfoliated with a peppermint salt scrub, and our therapist would massage your feet to alleviate tiredness and provoke a deep state of relaxation. All your stress would disappear with this foot treatment.

  • 45mins  $68
  • 60mins  $90

Thai Natural Herbal Ball Treatment

Originates from Thailand, this unique treatment named Luk Pra Kob, meaning “herbal pressing sphere”, was first used by Buddhist monks to treat injured soldiers in the old days. This Thai treatment warped an herb mix of lemongrass, prai, turmeric, kaffir lime, ginger, and tamarind leaves in cotton clothes. The herbal ball is then steamed and used by the therapist to work the knots in the tense muscles of the body. This treatment lets the body absorb the alkaloids from the herbs, brings relief to aching muscles, and helps heal bruises.

  • 60mins $100
  • 75mins  $130
  • 90mins  $160

Anti Aging Hydra Facial Treatment (include LED light therapy)

A natural, non-invasive photofacial that stimulates cellular processes to boost collagen, increase hydration and reduce fine lines. This technology and its Hydrogel Mask deliver natural skin rejuvenation; it’s a relaxing and therapeutic treatment with visible results. This treatment also includes *basic* cleansing, moisturizing, and skillful face lifting massage with natural essential oils & crystal jade stones. Suitable for all skin types.

  • 75mins  $100

Moisturizing Facial Care Anti Aging LED Light Include

Hydrate thirsty skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles with our stimulating facial treatment. Skillful Face lifting massage + Hydrate Facial Mask. This is the perfect pick for environmentally damaged or dehydrated skin.

This facial treatment includes a natural, non-invasive photofacial that stimulates cellular processes to boost collagen, increase hydration and reduce fine lines. It’s a therapeutic treatment that brings immediate result.

  • 60mins  $80

Thermotherapy Treatment

Thermotherapy is a healing treatment that uses heat to improve a wide range of health issues; it’s a helpful treatment fighting against mild depression, insomnia, and appetite loss. Our therapist uses the Korean thermal healing stick, pressing it gently on your body for relaxation while the heat energy is given to the body in targeted places. This treatment is ideal for helping with muscle pain and arthritis.

  • 75mins  $98
  • 90mins  $130

Gua Sha Massage (Scraping)

Gua sha means skin scraping, is a technique used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat muscle pain and tension. Gua sha aims to move energy around the body by using a tool to apply pressure and rub the skin in long strokes, helping to break down connective tissue and improving movement in the joints. This action may cause temporary light bruising that often appears as purple or red spots.

  • 20 mins  $45

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a healing therapy used by the ancient Chinese to stimulate local blood circulation, strengthen immune system and ease pain. In the treatment, the therapist puts special heated glass jars on your skin for a few minutes to create suction, skin could temporarily turn red and show marks afterward. The suction force stretches underlying tissue and promotes local blood flow. It helps release body toxins and reduce inflammation. Cupping Therapy is free of side effects and generally painless.

  • 20 mins  $45

Private Spa Party

Relax and have fun with friends and family, whether it’s a birthday, a holiday celebration, a bachelor/bachelorette party or more. Jinyu Spa is the perfect place to have a Spa Party: For 3 hours(11am-2pm), the entire Spa is yours to enjoy!

Time Duration: 11 am-2 pm, Mon-Sun.
Minimum Number of Guests: 3 people or more.
Services: It includes a 75 minutes service (Massages, Aromatherapy, Facial, Foot Bath & Relaxation, and more); you can choose any treatments we have.
Spacious Private Setting: Beautiful couple room & single rooms, and big lounge area.
Spa Party Food: Fresh fruits, snacks trays, and beverages.

Price: $240 per guest.

Please call us at 917-607-4123 to make an appointment

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